Agent: Abrams Artists
Agent Phone: (646) 486-4600

Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

2009-2011 Film Credits

“The Life Zone” Dr. Victoria Wise, Director – Rod Weber
"Hypothermia" Helen Pelletier, Director - James Felix McKenney
"Taking Chance" Chris Phelps, Director - Ross Katz
"Whisper Me A Lullaby" Aunt Jane, Director - Christinia Vinsick
“An Affirmative Act” Lori Belmont, Director – Jana Mattioli

2006-2009 Credits

Lead role in Independent film “The Girl Next Door”     Director – Gregory Wilson
Cameo role in Independent Film “Fake”     Director – Greg Friedle
Lead role in Independent film “Jersey Justice”     Director – John Charles Hunt
Lead role in Independent film "Jackrabbit Sky"     Director – Andrew Bergmann
Lead role in "The Vietnamization of New Jersey" The Beckett Theatre, NYC
Lead role in “Knowing Bliss” Teatro La Tea, NYC
Lead role in short film “The Rehearsal”
Lead role in short film "Science Fair"
Guest Spot on "Law and Order"
Voiceovers for Rand McNally and IBM Forward/View
National Print Ad for Verizon

Select Motion Pictures

"THE HANDMAID'S TALE" Ofglen, Director - Volker Schlondorf (Cinecom)
"SHAKEDOWN" Gail, Director - Jim Glickenhaus (Universal)
"RAW DEAL" Amy, Director - John Irvin (DeLaurentis)
"SIXTEEN CANDLES" Ginny, Director - John Hughes (Universal)
"THE SEDUCTION OF JOE TYNAN" Janet, Director - Jerry Schatzberg (Universal)
"LIVING LARGE" Kate, Director - Michael Shultz (Samuel Goldwyn)

Select Television

TV Movies

"NOBODY'S CHILD" Shari, Director - Lee Grant (CBS-TV)
"THE DAY THE BUBBLE BURST" Jolan, Director - Joe Hardy (NBC-TV)
"HOLOCAUST" Anna, Director - Marvin Chomsky (NBC-TV)

       Emmy Award (For Best Supporting Actress in a Limited Series)

Guest Spots

"IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT" Director - Reza Badiyi (NBC-TV)
"THE TRIALS OF ROSIE O'NEILL" Director - Sharon Miller (CBS-TV)
"DAVIS RULES" Director - James Widdows (CBS-TV)
"LAW AND ORDER" Director - Ed Sherin (NBC-TV)


"LOLITA" Lolita, Director - Frank Dunlop

Off Broadway

"STEEL MAGNOLIAS" Shelby, Director - Pamela Berlin
"YOUNG PLAYWRIGHTS FESTIVAL" Prom Date, Director - Garland Wright
"HANNAH" Hannah, Director - Anna Sokolow
"POOR LITTLE LAMBS" Claire, Director - Jack Hofsiss
"THE WILD DUCK" Hedvig, Director - Robert Brustein
"WHITE MARRIAGE" Pauline, Director - Andrzej Wajda